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About Bibee Maldives

Experience the sunny side of life with our small boutique guesthouse and discover the true Maldivian life and culture by staying on a local island.

“Bibee” is the Maldivian name for butterfly fish, with their amazing array of colors and patterns are among the most common sights on reefs throughout the world. Bibee is very common in all snorkeling points in Maldives.

Although some species are dull-colored, most wear intricate patterns with striking backgrounds of blue, red, orange, or yellow. Many have dark bands across their eyes and round, eye-like dots on their flanks to confuse predators as to which end to strike and in which direction they’re likely to flee.

There are about 114 species of butterfly fish. They have thin, disk-shaped bodies that closely resemble their equally recognizable cousins, the angelfish. They spend their days tirelessly pecking at coral and rock formations with their long, thin snouts in search of coral polyps, worms, and other small invertebrates.

Activities Bibee Maldives

Enjoy the most amazing activities in Bibee Maldives. We provide most of the fun activities that you requires.

Sand Bank Trips

Ever thought of walking out into the ocean on the crystal white sand bank.

Reef Fishing

Ever thought of grilling the fish you caught yourself?


Snorkeling is a wonderful activity that can be enjoyed by almost anyone.

Canoe Riding

Canoe ride is an excellent way to discover marine life without snorkeling.


Enjoy the best surf points in Maldives, which have the planet's most consistent surf zones.

Sunset Dolphin Cruise

Experience a relaxing cruise in search of wild dolphins while enjoying once-in-a-lifetime Maldivian sunset.


We have seven luxurious bedrooms, all the rooms are air conditioned and with attached bathrooms which are modern and hygiene and have quality bathroom amenities such as water heater and rain showers..